An Experiment in Ultralearning

2022 is almost up and it's been a crazy year for me personally. Moved from the West Coast to the East with my wife, started a new job, laid off that job, and about to venture into a new one again.

Routine is definitely not what 2022 was.

And during this time, i got fascinated with this book by Scott Young called Ultralearning. And I'm going to make a personal ultralearning project for myself after being inspired by it. I have no idea if it actually will pan out but I'm trying anyway.

My objective is by the end of 2023 is to accumulate all of the AWS cloud certifications and document my learning journey as much as I can in that capacity. One of the ways, I've found I learn better is writing detailed notes and publishing them somewhere or teaching someone else.

This blog is going to serve as a place for those learnings.